Shutter Ninja v2.0 PCB!

Shutter Ninja v2.0 PCB design is complete and has been sent to BatchPCB for fabrication! The device will be completed in April. I’m very excited to produce new time lapse movies! Check back next month for updates as I complete v2.0.

Shutter Ninja v2.0 PCB

Shutter Ninja v2.0 PCB

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  1. Wolfgang 9 September 2015 at 10:37 am #


    I came across your website in search of a diy time lapse controller. I’m looking for a controller that would allow long term time lapse projects, such as landscape/city transformation over months.

    What are the limits/design specs of you device? Does it have a realtime clock? What’s the power consumption? How programmable is it/ could it run day /night programs on different settings?

    Wolfgang Haak

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